of $50,000 Raised
Congregation Beth Torah

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Congregation Beth Torah is raising money to support Innovation: Africa!

Innovation: Africa brings Israeli innovation to African villages, and Beth Torah is running a campaign to help bring water and agricultural technology to a village in need in Uganda. 

With the funds, iA will install a Solar Water Pumping System and Israeli developed drip irrigation technology to the Kayango Orphanage in Uganda. Through your generosity and support, 440 orphans along with a community of over 4,000 people will have access to clean water and food security for the first time in their lives!

This village has a major need for access to clean water, and most importantly, a reliable source of food. With your donations, iA will install a solar powered water pump at the orphanage that will provide multiple taps of potable water to both the orphanage and the surrounding community. In addition, we will install a drip irrigation system, which will provide quality crops for the orphans throughout the entire year, drastically reducing the food shortage that they struggle with each year.

We are raising a total of $50,000 and every dollar helps to save people's lives, providing them with the fundamentals.

Please join us in this beautiful Kiddush Hashem as we work to help those in need and improve our world.  

Please give whatever you can.

Thank you for your support.

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