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Maytar & Lital Greenfield

Welcome to our batmitzvah campaign! 

We're having our batmitzvah in a little over a year and we've decided to start our batmitzvah year a tad early and raise funds for Innovation: Africa. People in Africa need us, so we figured why wait?!

You see, nearly 620 million people in Africa live without electricity. That means babies are born by the light of kerosene lamps, it means children can't study after sunset, it means there's no refrigeration for lifesaving medicines and vaccines and it means that people drink dirty water because they don't have the power they need to pump clean water up from below ground. Sadly, it also means girls stop going to school when they reach puberty as they don't have the sanitation required to avoid embarrassment and opt to stay home instead. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The world and particularly Africa needs more educated women.

Innovation: Africa (www.innoafrica.org) brings Israeli innovation to African villages, and we've started a campaign to help them bring clean running water and sanitation to a community in need. Every dollar counts, and your support would mean the world to us.

I hope we can all join together to make this world a brighter place.


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